Sacrifice—The Sacred Duty to the DNA Dictator

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. Goethe

As Gene-Meme Machines we are Hardwired and Programed to act as directed by our DNA Dictator.

Few recognize this, fewer yet acknowledge this, even fewer accept this, and precious few learn to adapt to this fact.

The DNA Dictator is the Source of the Sacred and the Pattern-Giver of the Universal Human Act of Sacrifice.


What most Persons unwittingly from birth to death do is Sacrifice their Minds, their Selves, their Identities, to and for the various Representatives of the DNA Dictator such as the Family, Clan, Tribe, Culture, God, Civilization, Nation, Ideology, World Government, etc.

It is this Driver, Director, Dictator that is the answer to the enigma and conundrum that AnarchoLibertarians are so unable to respond to and are so confused about:

The Reason 99% of the population refuses the obvious truth that any Government is an Unnecessary Evil, is that it is the FAMILY that is the MATRIX out of which the Human Species has evolved.

The FAMILY and its FATHER as the ALL-POWERFUL DICTATOR is the PATTERN (etymologically: Pa) that has down to today directed Humanity’s Development. This Authoritarian dispensation is finally being abandoned due to the increasing number of persons through the Internet who are able to recognize and respond to these Gods and Governments as the Ghosts and Zombies they are.

Join me in co-creating a community of Free Friends. Somewhere, Sometime, there is a Place for Us:

Nowhere is Now Here.

You are only as Free as you take the Responsibility to Be.