Life Depends on Death

As internal combustion engines run on oil, Life runs on Death. Life processes Death to do its deed. This simple, indisputable fact sticks in Man-un-Kind’s craw and can neither be spit out nor swallowed. This is Humanity’s Koan that can’t be solved or resolved but only dissolved by being understood and lived.

This deeply denied Knowledge is the Scared Resource we all use to Enslave ourselves. It is the Secret Source of the Sacred, the Holywood Projector of the Mind that creates the epic Dramas of Gods, Governments, and Gurus.

A few years ago after coming and going as a confused then bemused participant, I walked out of the Theatre of the Absurd as an amused and not willing to pay spectator. Today I am outside of Plato’s Cave and the weather is clearly what it is for good and for bad. I carry an umbrella and a Beretta just in case for Justice’s sake. Because Things take their Place in Time so do I.

I seek a few Free Friends to spend my life for and with.

Join me if this makes Sense to you. I am waiting—not so much patiently as patently—etymologically, “open”, knowing this Knowledge needs no Intellectual Property Protection by Might (as in “might have been”) but only upheld as in Right (as in “Reality”).

There is only Might or Right to choose between. Gods, Governments, Gurus—or You and Me. Choose. You are only as Free as you take the Responsibility to be.

Most of the I’s eyes are focused on their seeing. I am focused on our Blind and Spell-Binding Spot of Death. I would have Us Live this as Love and bring this Insight Out.

Selah, Scire Licit, Sapere Aude.