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Hello freedom lovers around the world this is Jack (aka ResourceForYourSource and Jack of All Free trades) in Santiago, Chile and Worldwide on the Internet. I have just listed my new Relationship Consultancy service on Liberty.me: Pairing Today and its website: www.pairingtoday.com. As fellow anarchists and libertarians, let me show you how the Love of Liberty will lead you to the Liberty of Love.

If you view the above visuals (begin at the top left quote and read right row by row to end at the bottom) you will be reading the values and qualities of the relationships Pairing Today upholds and enables.

The creating and maintaining of such intentionally interdependent partnerships I believe is the highest achievement of humanity as the Rilke quote so beautifully and challengingly expresses. This kind of highest relationship also goes by the name of SoulMates and the Platonic myth of Two Halves making a Whole. My website has a page titled “Once Half Now Whole” (http://www.pairingtoday.com/#!once-half-now-whole/dm9iy) that explores and explains what this kind of highest relationship is.

I lived such a relationship with my wife Katharine who died from cancer in 1996. And on my page titled “Love—the Lesson of Loss” (http://www.pairingtoday.com/#!love–the-lesson-of-loss/c1enr) I express what her immense loss taught me and how it made me value these responsibly free human relationships more than any other thing in the Universe. Go here for a video poem that expresses these two themes of SoulMates and Love as the Lesson of Loss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9qjnwud68g

Pairing Today is dedicated to the education of the sexes so as to enable mutually rewarding relationships that benefit both persons involved and add peace and prosperity to the planet. Human happiness comes mainly from Human Relationships. That is my life’s guiding premise founded on empirical research and my own experience. I am convinced most human destructiveness to self and others—from wars to suicides—comes from poor and impaired human relationships. Those who have enriched and enabling relationships do not destroy themselves or others. ALL of our so-called mental illnesses or diseases are a result of negative relationships.

Therefore, if we would be sane and healthy in body and mind, and bring peace and prosperity to our planet, our attention and care should be targeted on our relationships.

I have 23 years experience and expertise in Male/Female Relationship Education in five different countries (U.S.A., Canada, Australia, China, Chile), including:

  • Chief relationship educator and spokesman for Relationships Australia the largest and oldest relationships agency in Australia
  • Owner-manager of Partners for Life in Brisbane, Australia, a relationship consultancy specializing in creating Permanent Partnerships built to last based on mature lov
  • TV relationship consultant for Women with Vision in Brisbane, Australia
  • Community advocate-activist for Palliative Care, Widowers, and Mentors

I want to convince you Mature Love—does NOT come naturally. Rather, as the quote below by Erich Fromm states, Love must be learned and earned. There is a price to be paid as for anything else such as learning to drive a car. And the only way you will choose to pay that price is if you acknowledge THE ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE OF LOVE. Do you value Love at least as much as your car?

“The attitude – that nothing is easier than to love – has continued in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. There is hardly any activity which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. Love is an art–and like any art it must be learned. Yet in spite of the deep-seated craving for love, everything is considered to be more important than love: prestige, money, power–almost all our energy is used to learn how to achieve these and almost none to learn the art of loving.” Erich Fromm

You can learn “Pairing: the Art of Loving” to create and maintain these most fulfilling kinds of relationships that will keep your and your partner freely and happily together for a lifetime. Let me prove to you I do know the Art of Loving and can help you learn it. Contact me for a free Skype trial meeting and decide for yourself.

My rates are very competitive, so go to my website for a full introduction. Contact me for a free, no obligation Skype meeting to see if my consultancy is right for you.


Dare to Pair! Care, Re-Pair, Share. You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be.

I look forward to meeting you online or face-to-face in Santiago!

Jack at Home in the Universe